Making a Difference

Our family have been renting, marketing and managing vacation rentals in North America for many years. In this time we have come to understand and confront all the challenges that such a business can present. Vacation rentals have been an integral part of our lives and we have met so many wonderful people. It has become very apparent however that corporate investment on a significant scale is shaving the personal edges of this business, and monetizing to the detriment of vacation rental Guests. In 2014, after discussion with many experienced Managers, we identified that through collaboration (and hard work) we would be able to create a more unique experience and a company run by industry experts, not shareholders.

The vacation rental business has changed dramatically with a need to learn new skill sets, invest in new technologies, and adapt to Guests millennial requirements. The very nature of the industry means that there are hundreds of popular destinations, and literally thousands of North American holiday homes; small to expansive, ski chalets to waterfront cabins, countryside & city. Guests need to be reassured that the people they speak to and book with are reliable, knowledgeable, friendly, and provide a great service. Managers and Owners need to know that they are represented confidently online with no mediated Guest conversation, or monetary loss through over-zealous "marketplaces".

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Our Mission Statement: To provide the absolute best experience in searching, selecting & booking a vacation rental, so that our valued Guests will recommend Discovery to their family, friends and colleagues.

Collaboration and Cooperation

We live in a "sharing" world and the forces of technology accelerate the increase of data and its transmission. Working across continents is now the norm, bringing new skills, new and established brands, and creative new ideas. Cultures and languages remain diverse and local knowledge is imperative for managing vacation rentals and best understanding Guest expectations. We have created a global network of partners who are working together to bring skills sets, technologies, experience and Guests to North America.

Discovery! A unified Brand that is Discovery Vacation Rentals, 3KlicksAway Vacation Rentals, Sun Peaks Vacation Chalets, Discovery Hot Tubs, and Discovery Property Management.

Our Mission Statement: To work with managers and owners to provide guests with a simple, quality experience when booking or researching a vacation rental.

A Few Partners:

Discovery Holiday Homes is our European partner and well recognised for its levels of personal service and investments in technology. This partnership gives Discovery Vacation Rentals access to a much broader reach of potential clients and shared industry experiences benefit all managers and owners as this market develops.

Rentivo is one of a new brand of technology businesses focused on the vacation rental industry. Already powering some major websites globally and with an "open data" attitude to business, with no "walled gardens" or restrictions, their emphasis is on developing a rich selection of tools to empower our clients business. Rentivo powers this website and their North American services are offered through our Discovery Vacation Rental offices.

Working with good value payment providers we can develop the best and most direct payment strategies suitable for your vacation rental business.