Company and Contact Information

Sun Peaks Vacation Chalets

PO Box 1014

Sun Peaks B.C. V0E 5N0

North America Toll Free: 1-866-868-1888

Tel: 1-250-214-1900

A Discovery Partner


Discovery Holiday Homes is our European partner and well recognised for its levels of personal service and investments in technology. This partnership gives Discovery Vacation Rentals access to a much broader reach of potential clients and shared industry experiences benefit all managers and owners as this market develops.

Rentivo is one of a new brand of technology businesses focused on the rental industry. Already powering some major websites globally and with and "open data" attitude to business with no "walled gardens" or restriction their emphasis is on developing a rich selection of tools to empower our clients business. Rentivo powers this website and more of their services are on offer through our offices for North America.

Working with multiple payment providers we can assist develop the best and most direct payment strategies.